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Monday, February 24, 2014

Adding Supporting Records to has recently added support for adding digitized copies of documents to validate and enhance their headstone records. As stated in a blog post:
The Supporting Record feature now allows users to upload evidence-based documents that support the BillionGraves records that have been collected through our mobile Apps. This means that users are now able to upload headstones, birth/death, burial, marriage, cremation, and many other types of records WITHOUT NEEDING A SMART PHONE! also reminds its users that it will continue to emphasize the use of our mobile application to upload verified headstone records with their accompanying GPS locations and will remain a free resource to all.

The post explains that there were many headstones and burials that just couldn’t be accounted for with our current systems; including unmarked graves, cremation scatterings, destroyed stones, etc. The new Supporting Records feature allows users anywhere in the world to add evidence-based documents that validate and create additional insight into headstone records found on BillionGraves. The addition of these Supporting Records will serve as an invaluable tool to genealogists in their research.

They suggest adding the following record types:
  • Birth/Death Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Burial Records
  • Cremation Records
  • Unmarked Graves
  • Military Records
  • Headstone records without GPS coordinates
  • Any other type of record that supports and validates any BillionGraves Headstone Records

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