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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

RootsMagic for PAF Users -- A Quick Start Guide

Even though has completely discontinued support of Personal Ancestral File (PAF), there's still a huge number of people using the program. I am continually getting questions about migrating data from PAF to other programs. Surprisingly, very few of the people using the program seem to realize that there are free versions of a number of programs that will automatically open PAF files.

In this regard, has prepared a free PDF Quick Start Guide outlining the method of incorporating existing PAF files into RootsMagic.

It is amazing to me, although not surprising, that 12 years after the discontinuance of PAF development we are still facing the issue of transferring old files into new formats. Fortunately, PAF was written in a way that it remains compatible with current operating systems but that may not continue much longer. The persistence of old PAF files is merely a microcosm of the overall issue of digital file preservation. As operating systems change and computers are replaced, there is a constant loss of old files. In genealogy this is a constant concern. If you know someone who is still using PAF please take the time to help them migrate their file to a newer format or at least preserve what is there in the file in an online family tree.

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