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Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Look at the Genealogy Apps: Kindex

At #RootsTech 2016, I decided to talk to as many of the vendors as I could, gather information and write about as many programs as possible. Today I am starting with I had an interesting discussion with Kimball Clark, the developer about the program. The program is still being developed and is in the BETA stage of testing. Not all the features work or work well, but the program shows tremendous promise.

I was interested in the concept of the program. It is designed to work with the Memories and allow the user to gather memories, i.e. documents, photos, journals, video and audio and index them. One feature that caught my attention was the possibility of downloading a handwritten document, such as a letter, and then the program would allow you to transcribe the letter in a side by side format. Here is an example of a document from the Memories section and the screen allowing the transcription:

I will be very interested to see and use the new program as soon as it is out of BETA testing and fully developed.

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