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Saturday, February 6, 2016

#RootsTech 2016 Trying to keep up

This #RootsTech I have spent less time in the Media Center than any other. I have also spent more time talking, enough to lose my voice, than any other. One of the outstanding things about this time at #RootTech is the time I have had to talk to my friends from around the world. I truly consider everyone I talk to as my friends. I has been a marvelous experience. Either directly through previous contact or indirectly through online visits, I have hundreds of friends gathered over my years online and attending conferences. There is a complete sense of belonging to a wonderful, online-based community of people with the same or similar interest.

My thought was to begin a list of the wonderful conversations I have had the last few days, but then it might appear to be a form of favorites and do not want anyone to think I do not value their friendship simply because I list the contacts in some order or forgot to mention them in my list. But I am going mention a few companies that have made my visit to #RootsTech 2016 special. But I do what all those I talked to to know that my visits with each of you has been special and a very important part of why I am motivated to keep writing and talking into my dotage.

In know particular order let me thank the following so far for their warmth, friendship and conversation.

There are literally dozens more that I met and talked with over the past few days and I grateful to all who spent minutes or hours talking with me and helping to make this the most memorable conference I have experienced so far. 

I cannot begin to name all the individuals in these companies who have talked to me over the past few days without omitting someone. But FamilySearch certainly deserves a big thank you for enabling all this to happen. I also need to thank for a very enjoyable party on Friday evening.

I realize that I have spent much of any time writing this year, buy I do have a tremendous reservoir of ideas that will influence my blog posts for a long time to come. 

One last note, I was very happy to see programs originating in France to show up and talk to me this year. I really appreciate that and last, a great big thanks to all my friends from Australia, sorry more can not come to #RottsTech.

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  1. What I've missed most about not being at RootsTech has been the chance to talk in person to the friends I've met online or at last year's conference. It was a privilege to have you as an honorary Aussie.