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Thursday, February 4, 2016

#RootsTech 2016 Day Three (for me) Checking in and tying to keep up

This is first real #RootsTech day after the BYU Family History Technology Workshop and the Innovator Summit. I have just barely had time to open my computer for the first time and my window of availability is very small. Here are some impressions so far.

  • The keynote addresses and the Intros were exceptionally good. You should be able to view these on I was very impressed to see Stan Ellsworth from BYUtv"s American Ride come in riding his Harley.
  • I enjoyed the presentation from Randy Seaver and Daniel Martinez at the luncheon. I do not have time to relate even a small part of the amount of information I have heard in the last day alone. 
  • I have a number of long talks with some of the vendors and I have a lot to say in the future. I know this doesn't sound like a lot of info, but believe me, by the time I get through writing you will be amazed. I also have to wait until the actual announcements come later in the Conference. 

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