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Thursday, February 11, 2016

RootsMagic adds connections to Ancestry continues to add connections to the major online database companies. Its popular RootsMagic program now shows record hints from and They have announced that record hints from both and will appear some time this year. But what is more important to users of the RootsMagic program is the ability to share data. Presently, RootsMagic shares data with's Family Tree. But the new announcement indicates that it will soon share data with also.

The ability to view hints on the major genealogical database programs is extremely helpful in focusing your research on specific people in your family tree. But the big issue has always been the ability to share data between the various programs. If you have a family tree on and another on and yet another on and finally another on, it can be a real challenge to keep these family trees updated and synchronized. RootsMagic is moving towards being the mechanism that may finally allow these four huge programs to share data between family trees. From my standpoint, I have long had family trees on, and I have also had a family tree on since they implemented that feature. I use record hints from all four programs. Now, there is starting to be a more efficient pathway for moving information from one of these programs to another through using RootsMagic. This is especially true if you use one or another of these programs as your primary database. explains the details of the new connections in the page illustrated above. Click here to see more information about the connection with indicates that more information about the connection with will be forthcoming.

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