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Friday, February 26, 2016

BYU Webinars posted to

The Brigham Young University Family History Library has been broadcasting a series of live webinars from the Library. These webinars are held two or three times a week at different times during the day. The schedule is linked from the main BYU Family History Library website. The Webinar page has a schedule of upcoming webinars and links to the archive copies of past broadcasts.

To make the past webinars even more available, the recorded webinars are now being uploaded to the BYU Family History Library YouTube Channel. The image above shows the two newest additions from the webinar archive. You might recall that I indicated that my goal was to upload one new video to the BYU Family History Library YouTube Channel a week. It may appear that I had stopped uploading videos, but in reality, I switched to presenting one or more webinars a week. The Webinar Archive now has nine completed recordings with six of which I presented. You should see new webinars posted almost every few days except when the Library is closed for various reasons such as semester break etc.

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