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Monday, February 15, 2016 -- A new French entry into the genealogical community

For the first time in my memory, French genealogy companies were visibly present at #RootsTech 2016. One of the startup companies,, was a semi-finalist. Here is a brief quote from their recent press release:

Famicity was part of the Innovator Showdown Competition at the event and was the only French startup to compete. As the first startup to pitch during the semi-finale, Famicity introduced a new global service designed to preserve family history in one unique place, from roots to the future. 
Famicity is a free service available on PC, MAC, tablets, and mobiles and is focus on family history and legacy and preserving it for future generations. After 5 years of researches and development, Famicity launched its product in France and with continued success of that platform it is now available in English. 
In a few months, the site as a while has more than 150,000 French users and more than 3,000,000 ancestors that has been added in the service. Famicity helps family to preserve their history, but is not a genealogy service. It’s a legacy center made for all generations, giving them a place to share, record, and preserve their own unique family story. By the way, the users who share the most are young mothers with a newborn baby.
There is more information about the program in the presentation they made for the Innovator Summit competition.

I am very happy to see France finally represented at RootsTech.

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