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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

BYU Family History Library starts series of webinars

There are two links on the home page for the Brigham Young University Family History Library that take you to the new online series of free live webinars from the Library itself. If you tune in you can hear the webinar, ask questions and benefit from a wide selection of topics and presenters. Here is the page that shows the three types of classes: webinars, videos and in-person classes.

Each of the links takes you to a schedule of upcoming classes. Here is the current webinar schedule. New webinars will be posted on a monthly basis. We are planning on having two or three a week. All of the completed webinars are also posted here. Some of the shorter presentations are recorded but not broadcast live.

You will probably note that both my wife and I will be adding webinars to the collection. This list of resources will grow rather rapidly because of the huge pool of available presenters we have at the Brigham Young University.

By the way, if you clicked fast enough just as this post was published, you could catch the end of Terry Dahlin's presentation.

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