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Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Quick Start Video on Using Photos and Stories has posted a Quick Start Video about how to use Photos and Stories. The video is in the Learning Center, a collection of hundreds of similar videos on a multitude of subjects about genealogy. One thing I have noticed about these videos is that they seem to autostart if you embed them in your blog post. So I will be content with the link above.

The video highlights how simple and straightforward uploading photos to's Photos program can be. I say "can be" because we are now spending a great deal of time in supporting this program at the Mesa FamilySearch Library. Let's just say that the program is simple if you have been involved in computers and uploading and downloading files for a long time. If using this program is the first time you have uploaded photos anywhere on the Web, believe me, there are a huge number of questions that need to be answered and they won't be answered in a four minute video.

Right now, there are several buggy problems with the program that can be worked around but cause some intensive involvement in the process. I have uploaded quite a few photos and have spent some time each week chipping away at my endless pile of documents and photos, but I have to "relearn" the process every week. The answer is rather simple however, follow the procedures exactly! Do not take "shortcuts" or whatever. If you do so, the program works every time.

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