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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Genealogy of the British in India on the FIBIS Wiki

I always thank my readers for sending in comments that give me leads to areas of online genealogy that I have yet to explore. Nan Bailey sent me a link to the FIBIS Wiki. FIBIS stands for Families in British India Society.

This Wiki opens up an important area of British research. Here is a description of the site:
Fibiwiki is a wiki where you can share information useful to people researching ancestors in India. It not only contains guides to help you research, but also lists sources, and general background information about the culture, society and history of India during the period from 1600 to 1947.
 Here is a screenshot of the Families in British India Society's main website:

This points out a particularly important point about genealogical research; you will never be able to even become aware of all the marvelous records there are in the world to help you in your research. I make this comment to those of us who think they know everything and have looked everywhere.


  1. Thanks for posting this as one who has ancestry in British India, I have used the FIBIS site extensively. It is excellent in that includes transcriptions from newspapers and periodicals not easily found elsewhere. Another very useful site is the British Library's India Office Family History Search found at:
    However the site with most information from British India remains But just week I find that the Familysearch India collections are now accessible from searches in, no doubt the result of their recent agreement with Familysearch.

    1. Thanks for the comment and the heads up about the increased searching. We are starting to see some examples of the agreements.