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Friday, January 17, 2014

Climbing to the Innovator Summit -- RootsTech 2014

I decided to do a little online research about the announced Keynote Speaker for the Wednesday, February 5, 2014 Innovator Summit at RootsTech 2014 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Innovator Summit name is pretty recent. It was originally billed as the Developer's Day.

The Keynote Speaker is Chris Dancy. As I looked at some of the many website references, news articles and blog posts about Mr. Dancy, I found out that he is the Director in the Office of the CTO for BMC software. A CTO is a Chief Technology Officer and as such likely has ultimate responsibility for the management of the research and development and tech needs. BMC Software describes itself as:
BMC Software helps leading companies around the world put technology at the forefront of business transformation, improving the delivery and consumption of digital services. From mainframe to cloud to mobile, BMC delivers innovative IT management solutions that have enabled more than 15,000 customers to leverage complex technology into extraordinary business performance—increasing their agility and exceeding anything they previously thought possible. 
BMC serves tens of thousands of IT organizations around the world, from small and mid-market businesses to the Global 100. One hundred percent of the Forbes Global 100 and 82% of Fortune 500 companies rely on BMC Software for IT management solutions, including automation, cloud, mainframe, mobile, monitoring, and more.
Mr. Dancy is billed as “The Most Quantified Human." in the world. Here is a description of what that means from
Chris Dancy has been engaging information systems for over 20 years, wearing as many hats as there are heads in the IT industry. Currently he is a Director in the CTO’s office at BMC, but more importantly he serves the role of Data Exhaust Cartographer--he utilizes over 300 sensors and systems to track, analyze, and optimize as many areas of his existence as he can think of. This quantification enables him to see the connections of otherwise invisible data, resulting in dramatic upgrades to his health, productivity, and quality of life. Most people know Chris as @servicesphere on twitter. Special Thanks to: for your support in providing amazing images!
I am now a lot more interested to see what he has to say. This sounds very interesting.

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