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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Evernote Guide Sheets -- Help for the helpless

I had been using Evernote extensively for quite some time. But was faced with dilemma when the program began to evolve rapidly. I simply lost touch with all the features being added and did not understand why I ran out of storage space and was shut down when I didn't purchase some upgrade. So, I transferred what I was doing on Evernote and used alternative products.

Recently, I was contacted by Lisa Louise Cooke's apparently new product person and she offered to let me look at their Guide Sheets. She talked about the new product on her Genealogy Gems website back in October. I took a look at the sheets for my Mac computers, compliments of Lisa Louise and her staff or whatever and immediately went in and cleaned up all the old stuff I had left in Evernote and began to look at the program as a viable alternative again.

Meanwhile, I had continued using Skitch, the Evernote screen capture program for its simplicity and ease of use. Granted, I am using the products on a Mac, but they are mostly available for other platforms. The Evernote Guides come for both Mac and Windows operating systems.

So, solely because of this handy guide, I now understood the product. I already had the program on all my devices so transitioning back is as simple as clicking. What I needed clarified was how the program functioned vis a vis the difference between the "free" version and the "paid" version. With that out of the way, I am back in the Evernote use realm. Now, I probably could have figured out all the stuff from the Evernote website, but this made it easier for me to get going and actually do something.

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