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Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Mouse Died and I didn't even know about it

If you want a graphic example of the changes in technology, my Apple Magic Mouse died sometime ago and I didn't even notice. The reason is that I have transitioned completely to the Magic Trackpad. I am still using Magic to operate my computer and I am not sure which one is black and which one is white. If you want to get into technology check out the page for mouses (mice) from Apple. They have eight different pointing devices. I have written about my transition from using a mouse to using the trackpad in previous posts, but back then I was still using a mouse when I was editing and copying. I started out using the trackpad on the MacBook Pro, but soon saw the advantage of a standalone pad on my iMac. Now I am completely weaned away from the mouse. I still find a few functions to be awkward on the trackpad but I now have workarounds that do the job.

One benefit of the trackpad is that is it a whole lot less tiring and quite a bit faster. You only have to move a finger or two instead of your whole arm. I can run the trackpad all day without even noticing it while a mouse is relatively tiring. In addition, I am finding more use for voice recognition so to some extent, my production increases. That may be the good news (or the bad news if you are reading my blog posts), but my work load is increasing faster than my production.

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