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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Another deep photographic mystery from Paris, France

One of my friends came to a class at the Mesa FamilySearch Library and brought me a large envelope of photographs. These photos were obviously quite old. From appearances and the type of mounting they dated from the late 1800s. My friend had purchased a used photo album many years ago in Paris, France. All of the photos were in the album. She removed the photos from the album to use for herself, but could not throw away the photos. Now all these years later, I taught a class on digital photography for genealogists and she showed up to bring me the photos.

I told her I would find an appropriate home for the photos even if I could not identify the family. Since all the photos were in the same album we could conclude that all of the people were related in some way. To make life interesting the photographer logos are from Berlin, Germany, Hannonver, Germany, Tolleston, Indiana, Waterbury, Connecticut, New York, New York, and Jersey City, New Jersey.

Well, I will publish the collection in parts. If you happen to see someone you know. Let me know. I do have one photo with a name. So I will start there. Here are the first six. Some of the photos were obviously glued down in the album. Too bad. The remnants of the page are stuck to the back covering up the photo studio logo.


  1. Hello James,
    It is a very interesting find! I wish that, like your friend, people would always keep the photos when they buy an old album.
    You say that you do have one photo with a name, do you talk about the first one with the name of the photographer? or is there a name on the back of one of the photos?

    1. I have a name on the back of one of the photos. I will be posting about that and what I have found so far as soon as I can. I am running out of time before RootsTech.