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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Valuable FamilySearch Family Tree Training Aid Not Working

An important part of the Family Tree Curriculum is apparently not working. The Learning Center contains hundreds of useful instructional videos about family history. One highly useful section contains the Family Tree Training Lessons and Videos. From a counter on the startup page, these useful lessons have nearly a half a million page views and over 100,000 unique visitors.

However, in trying to use the "Sandbox" feature of the program, as noted in the first image above, that particularly useful feature is apparently not available. Since I haven't looked at the program for a while, I am not sure how long it has been down, but I would suppose the link to the sandbox is somehow involved with the upgrade back in June, 2016. I do not find any current issues discussed in the GetSatisfaction forum but I know that there have been issues in the past with signing into the Sandbox portion of the program.

Any comments on this new issue?


  1. It's been down for at least a month. I tried to use it when teaching new family history consultants last month. This has been such a wonderful tool in helping others feel comfortable using the tree. I hope they can get it up and running again!

  2. It has been down since the end of June when the cut over to the Tree Foundation software took place. The sandbox works on the new.familysearch engine and since that is gone the engineers will be working on creating a sandbox database utilizing the new Tree Foundation software. This may also be why Elder Moon hasn't updated his presentations, etc for nearly a year.

    1. Well, we would hate to lose all that instruction and the use of the sandboxes so I hope they do get fixed. Thanks for the comment, it helps to know that something might be done to fix the situation.

  3. I think the focus of teaching FT has shifted from teaching classes of people to teaching people one at a time. I.e. Find Take Teach. Too bad, because sometimes groups of people, especially missionaries, need to get up to speed quickly on how things work. Not sure what Leland Moon will do now. Anxious to hear.

  4. Does anyone have a list of what was taught in each level?